How to Bathe Kittens With Fleas : Cat Health Care & Behavior

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If your kitten has fleas, he or she needs to be bathed in a very specific way to help take care of the problem. Learn how to bathe kittens with fleas with help from a dynamic, holistic and conventional veterinarian in this free video clip.

Expert: Dr. Jena Questen
Filmmaker: Roger Whitton

Series Description: The behavior of a cat can tell you not only a great deal about his or her personality, but about the general state of their health as well. Learn about various aspects of cat health care and related behaviors with help from a dynamic, holistic and conventional veterinarian in this free video series.


I elwi says:

my cat dont want to get a shower its a kitten but I dont why my kitten dont
want to get a bath?

jacob sanchez says:

is this a joke or is this serious ?

Neon Light says:

Glad my cats don’t act like that… that cat you have there are the ones
people generally don’t like “mean, independent cats”. Then you have this
stupid British report on how dogs are better than cats in communicating
with their masters which I call bogus! Since all my cats are very
responsive, loving and caring and can follow orders like a dog. ?

Sheva Loona says:

wow that’s a great idea!?

ificandoitucandoit1 says:
porcha m says:

Yep, im still afraid to give our cat a bath?

kg4zyz says:

What vet still recommends baths for fleas?! With do many other products out
there, why not use those first??

yurdreamwoman says:

put flea soap around neck first so the fleas don’t go up to ears and eyes
use large jugs of soap and flea mix and rinse water to pour over cat so no
water is running pour and wash good luck oh and long sleeves! ?

BohistaNordica says:

That was completely unhelpful. What was the point? It’d be great to learn
how to handle the cat to get rid of the fleas? You just wasted my time.?

yurdreamwoman says:

too funny cats do not like baths, just the way it is. nice try though?

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