How to care for your kitten so they become a happy, friendly and well-behaved cat.

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Part 1: touching and holding
Cat Protection NSW has been caring for cats since 1958. In this series of videos our experienced feline staff will show you how to handle, play and engage with your kitten to ensure they grow up to be the cat you will love sharing your life with.

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KatieCupcake114 says:

Im getting a cat this Saturday- and I also have a poodle at my house to.
How well will they get along???

Freya Walker says:

That kat wanted to play lol?

Maxine Martin says:

that cat looked so irritated the whole time, that’s a little cruel?

amber red rose aka crossover queen says:

I got my first ever kitten today shes so adorable hope this vid helps?

Omar Askar says:

I am getting a kitten that’s trained not to scratch or to poo not the flor.?

BingfieldHeights says:

these are brilliant – thank you!

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