How to get CARBON Parts in STAGE 1! – C.A.T.S Glitch (Crash Arena Turbo Stars Exploit)

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This video is pretty insane! I INSTANT PROMOTE FROM STAGE 1 TO STAGE 2 in C.A.T.S, becuase I discover an amazing glitch, where you can get Carbon Toolboxes in Stage 1! Watch the video to find out how, because you can do it too if you are lucky!
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0:00 Kontinuum – Lost (feat. Savoi) [Sunroof Remix] –
1:50 T & Sugah – Sleepless (feat. MVE) –
3:25 Tokyo Machine – ROCK IT –
4:57 Kamaboko – Colorful –
5:47 Raven & Kreyn – Get This Party –
7:52 T-Mass – Bow and Arrow –
8:50 Icehunt – Hover –
9:53 HoneyComeBear – Sneaker –

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