How to Harness/Leash Train Your Cat – Pt. 1 (Baby Bengal Kitten, Isis)

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In this video, I teach Isis how to wear a leash and harness and prepare her for her first walk outside. This is a step-by-step instructional video on how to harness train your cat from scratch. I will be adding parts to this series as I introduce Isis to the harness, the leash and finally to the great outdoors!

Keep checking back for new step-by-step guides for lots of awesome tips and tricks for cats like: paw, high-five, fetch, harness/leash training, etc.


My baby bengal kitten is beyond adorable and even tinier than she is cute! This is the second week I got her. She weighs 3.09 lbs. She is just 12 weeks old!

She’s a Brown Spotted Bengal. They’re the size of regular house cats, but look like wild cats. They like water, some will swim in a pool or bathe with you, they’ll take a shower with you, can be walked on a leash/harness, are incredibly intelligent, are very friendly, get along with people/cats/dogs, are often referred to as the Rolls Royce of cats, are supposed to be able to recognize their name and do tricks, they have more of a chirping/bark sound than meowing and act like dogs, not like cats (like Lily).
My other little baby kitten, Lily is a 9-month old female Singapura. They are the smallest cat breed in the world and are extremely intelligent. She’s 5.05 pounds now and is full-grown! Females can grow to be as small as just 4 pounds!

Lily has the personality of a dog and follows me everywhere I go, gets upset if I’m gone for too long and unlike many cats, never hides or stays by herself. She’s personable, loving and affectionate. On top of all that, I’m teaching her to do tricks!


Anthony M says:

Very Good INformation. I did not know about the sidewalk and her claws. ?

Thomas Stewart says:

What is that pink cat toy you have with like the scratch pad in the middle
would really like to get one for my cats and the video was very helpful how
long do you leave the harness on the cat before taking them for walks say
outside ?

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