How to Tell if a Cat is a Maine Coon?|| Maine Coon Cat Care

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How to Tell if a Cat is a Maine Coon?|| Maine Coon Cat Care
When you don’t go to a breeder to purchase your kitten or full grown cat, it can be very difficult to tell if your cat is a Maine Coon or not. Many cats with long, shaggy fur are mistaken for Maine Coons, simply because many people do not know that physical attribute of Maine Coons. Do keep in mind that even if your cat does have some of the traits, they may not be a pure bred Maine Coon, and can be a mixture of a few different breeds. Of course, this does not make your kitten or cat any less special, and no matter what your cat turns out to be, he or she will still be a furry friend that you can love and adore. This article will cover some of the basic traits that Maine Coons have, and how to tell if your cat is a Maine Coon, or a mixture of this breed and another breed (or multiple breeds, which is also a complete possibility.)


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