How to TRAIN A CAT TO SIT ON YOUR SHOULDER using clicker training

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How to TRAIN A CAT TO SIT ON YOUR SHOULDER is one of the questions I got asked the most.

The video is divided in 2 parts:
1) Get your cat comfortable sitting on your shoulder
2) Teach your cat to hop on your shoulder on their own

With clicker training and positive reinforcement, training a cat is easy. For Mia, my bengal cat, and I the process of training her to jump on my shoulder took 2 weeks. It’s not a lot considering how life chaning this cat trick is.

Videos you might need to watch first:
– What’s Clicker Training:
– What’s Finger Targetting:

Some of the products I use in this video:
– Kibble instead of treats (is HELATHIER for your cat)
– Clicker (Super Cheap)

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