i rescued this kitten from the streets! Now watch him grow…

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One night I heard a kitten crying really loud (he was very cold and hungry) so i went to check it out and i found this fur ball! He pretty much came to me…i looked around to see if i could find his mom or siblings and nothing. Most likely this one wandered off since he was at the stage where he could walk, but wasnt very good at it. A few days ago i actually saw 2 kittens the same size as him, so im guessing they are his litter mates…but they arent used to human contact so i couldnt get close to them. All i can do is leave some food for them outside which all the strays in this area happily eat. Its not huge help for them but at least they wont have to worry about food.
Anyways… I will keep posting vids on Sirius as he grows! and ill try not to make them as long as this one lol….unless yall like long videos?

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