Identifying Cat Breeds Video – Cats

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Identifying Cat Breeds Video – Cats,
Identifying Cat Breeds Video
Cats come in all shapes, sizes and fur coats. This video will show you how to tell the difference between breeds.

Identifying Cat Breeds

Hi, I’m Dr. Leah Cohn. I’m a professor of veterinary internal medicine at the University of Missouri and I would like to talk to you about cat breeds.

Cat Breeds More Distinguishable By Coat

Many people recognize that there are lots of different dog breeds that look dramatically different. A Chihuahua doesn’t look like a Great Dane. But cats are often harder to tell. Cat breeds are usually distinguished more by the coat color and pattern than they are by differences in size or shape, although there are some differences in size and shape as well. Often people talk about the pattern more so than a specific breed. Most cats you run into in your neighborhood are domestic shorthair cats. It’s not a breed at all. It’s what you would call a mutt if you were talking about a dog.

Coat Patterns Can Determine Breed

So they will discuss patterns and patterns include: solid cats, cats that are two colors like a black and white cat that often has a tuxedo pattern because they will have white on their chest and black on their body, or tabby cats.

Tabby Cats: How to Tell the Difference

Tabby cats can be solid tabby or they can have patches of white. Tabby’s can be found in brown colors or orange colors. There are a variety of different Tabby markings. A classic Tabby has a bullseye on their side. A mackerel Tabby has stripes down the side, but both share the features of having stripes on their legs, stripes on their tail and an M shape on their forehead.

Siamese Cats Are Pointed Cats

But there are specific cat breeds as well. One of the cat breeds that many people are familiar with is the Siamese. The Siamese is a pointed cat because it has points of color on the ears, on the face, on the feet and on the tail. Siamese come in different sorts of colors. There are flame point Siamese, seal point Siamese, chocolate point Siamese, but they all share the feature of points of color.

Persian Cats Have Long Hair and Snub Face

Another breed that many people are familiar with is the Persian cat. Persian cats are characterized by a long hair coat and a snub face. So they have a very short nose. The nose and chin basically line up right under the forehead on a Persian cat.

Himalayan Breeds Resemble Both

There’s another cat breed that many people recognize called the Himalayan which is a little bit like a Siamese and a Persian because it has the points of Siamese but the long hair and snub face of a Persian.

Manx Cats Have Short Tails

Another cat breed that you may be familiar with is a manx cat. Manx cats have a short tail. They are naturally bobtailed. The tails aren’t docked surgically, that’s the way they are born. They often have a rear end that is higher in the air than the front end so they look like they are walking downhill most of the time.

More Exotic Breeds Include Curly Haired Cats

So more exotic breeds include various types of rex cats that may have curly coated patterns. There are now breeds with folded ears like the Scottish fold, curled ears like the American curl cat. And there’s even a cat with little short legs like a dachshund; that cat is called a munchkin.

That’s a bit about cat breeds and if you have other questions about cat breeds be sure to check for more information.


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