IF PEOPLE ACTED LIKE CATS. How weird would it be? || Comedy by 5-Minute FUN

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How weird would it be if people acted like cats?
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Things cat’s do that’d be creepy if you did them:
0:03 Cat is licking
0:17 Cat is hissing
0:30 Cat gets in the way of working at the computer
0:48 Cat suddenly bites
0:57 Cat is waiting in the shower
1:13 Cat asks for food
1:32 Cat’s afraid of the vacuum cleaner
1:47 Cat makes a mess
1:58 Cat is trying to fit in the box
2:11 Cat and the Christmas tree
2:29 Cat brought a mouse
2:40 Cat came to your bad
2:55 Cat is jealous to another cat
3:11 Cat is playing with her human

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