Incredible Moment fishermen Rescue Two Kittens From a River | Gone Cat-Fishing on The Warrior River

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Fishermen save two kittens who swim up to their boat in this remarkable footage | The Heartwarming Moment These Fisehermen Become Rescuers | Alabama fishermen haul in the catch of a lifetime: 2 cute kittens “Catfishing” on the Warrior River | They were stunned to see two tiny kittens swimming towards their boat. Warning: your heart may not be able to handle this.Alabama fishermen rescue kittens from Warrior River

Two men fishing off of a boat on the Warrior River in Alabama were surprised by a duo of swimming kittens approaching their boat.

The kittens seem to have jumped into the water upon seeing the boat, looking to be rescued. After the first kitten was helped on board, the second quickly followed suit, jumping into the water and swimming the distance to the boat.

Definitely a bigger commitment than the typical catch, but totally worth it.


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