Jurassic Cat World

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Jurassic World with giant Cats!

We raided the internet for footage/pictures of cats to edit this video so a big thank you to anyone whose footage we used!

A big thanks to:
‘Nyan Cat’ – slobs
‘Green Screen Cat’ – Stephen Giroux
‘Make Your Own Keyboard Cat – Green Screen’ – chuckieart
‘Green Screen Challenge – Cats’ – Cory (Vimeo)
‘The OMG Cat’ – Davincipop
‘Funny cat trys to jump over baby gate!’ – Chris Adams
‘Cat In A Shark Costume Chases A Duck While Riding A Roomba’ – TexasGirly1979

We do not own the rights to the Jurassic World footage in this video.
Copyright © 2015 Universal Studios. All rights reserved.

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