Just Freckles Online Visits the Auckland Animal and Pet Expo 2019!

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In this video I visit the Auckland Animal and Pet Show – trying to find out what sort of doggo I might like to adopt one day as my forever friend.

A huge thank you to all the amazing pet and animal people who took time to chat to me and a big thank you to the lovely dogs I met including Paris, Flynn, Kenzie, Simba and of course Armani the Great Dane.

Here are links to some of the great people I talked to:
• Dog Guru where I met Koda– See Dog Guru for training and other pet needs https://www.dogguru.co.nz/
• 9 lives orphanage – rescuing abandoned kittens, cats and rabbits – please help them out if you can – they do an amazing job and a huge thanks to all their volunteers that take care of abandoned kittens! http://9livesorphanage.co.nz/
• Auckland Spaniel Club where I fell in love with Paris and Flynn – you can find them on Facebook and they have walks where anyone is welcome to come along and meet the spaniels
• Great Dane New Zealand is also on Facebook if you are keen to learn more about this breed. I met the good boy Armani who is a Harlequin Great Dane!
• Old McDonalds Mobile farm is available to come to you for parties, school visits etc – I loved meeting their Llamas Diego and Zorro. http://oldmacdonaldsfarm.co.nz/
• For grooming your pet I chatted to ipet store and the lovely Simba toy poodle http://www.ipetstore.co.nz/
• You can find out about Rag Doll cats here which are super cute! http://www.nzcf.com/breeds/breed.php?breed=Ragdoll

I learned that you need to be very careful buying a pet for lots of reasons including buying from a reputable breeder or rescue organisation, having the right environment for your pet, having enough time to spend with your pet and being able to afford costs of a pet including vet fees if something goes wrong.

A pet is a forever friend and deserves a happy home.

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