Kitten Academy Live Stream

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If there is nothing going on, you can rewind the stream up to 4 hours to see action.

Is there something we should know about? Do you have a question for us? Email us at or tweet us @kitten_academy.

* We’re trying all we can think of to fix the encoder video/audio glitches! For now, when using the regular encoder, we will be at lower resolution and without sound.
* YouTube somehow reset our live stream stats and URL. So, kind of feels like a fresh start?
* Yale (and everyone) visited the vet:

– Our west coast friends at the Kitten Dorm are back!

Brief FAQ:
– We are kitten fosters, trying to help rescued cats get adopted by loving homes.
– We’re in Illinois, USA.
– Yes, it’s really live 24/7… forever.
– Yes, we turn the lights off at night, and yes, Ivy has food and water.
– The cats are fosters, waiting to be old enough to adopt.
– We don’t get paid for this — we pay for this.
– This stream began on April 20th, 2016. YouTube’s time is incorrect.
– ADOPTION: Kittens may be adopted through Animal Outreach Society of McHenry:

Momcat = Ivy
Light Gray = Cornell (Female)
Dark Stripes = Harvard (Male)
Gray with tan face markings = Yale (Female)
– New kittens born 2016-08-06 at about 10:00pm.

This link has photos of Ivy and her kittens by name::

Kitten Weight Charts:

See photos, archived videos, news, and other information at the Kitten Academy website! —
Our email is — write us with questions, comments, to adopt… or send us pictures of your cat watching the stream!
Our twitter is @kitten_academy —
Want to donate? We have a Patreon page now. You can sign up to donate on a monthly basis.


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