Kitten Academy Live Stream

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These kittens were born on Tuesday, April 19th. They are:

Spot – Yellow & Orange Collar (has a big orange spot on top of her head, and a line down her face)

Apple – Adopted! Baby Blue Collar (tortie)

Coopi – Adopted! Black Collar (grey-striped tabby)

Seven – Lavender Collar with bow ties on it (grayish all-black)

Riker – Red Collar (all black)

Lieutenant Broccoli – Royal Blue Collar (all black)

Troi – Pink Collar (all black)

Hazel is the mom cat.

Hazel and the kittens are available for adoption through On Angels’ Wings in Crystal Lake, IL.

See photos, archived videos, news, and other information at the Kitten Academy website!


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