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Kitten and galoshes | FunnyCats SUBSCRIBE: . New video every Tuesday & Friday! Starring:? Orfey and Coco
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Cat Coco gave all the kittens themselves, without requiring anything in return! Cute and funny kittens owe everything to his mother – Coco!
Watch a video about cute and funny Scottish Fold kittens and share with friends!
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Badar Mahmood says:

What is the Kitten’s breed??

breadandcircus1 says:

So cute video, Oleg 🙂 We called here in America the green shoes “crocs”
MAMA-COCO is there watching her kittens, such a good mama-cat. Love her :)?


Can you make a video about coco and pikchu?? They are so cute. And bring
Paris also?

e9s42tv69mo says:

kittens and shoes! they find it absolutely impossible to pass up from
getting inside. i think it is because it is a small space to hide and you
know, when you’re that size, the smaller the space the better! too cute!
love the little hopping from place to place, as always, a few moments of
wonderful distraction, thank you for your videos! =^..^=?

sidetracked2007 says:

great choice in mischievous music. ?

Mark Dark says:


EvaHenriksson says:

A room filled with shoes: A PARADISE for kittens! :-D?

phainopepla95 says:

So many shoes, so little time!?

Claudiu Cont says:

… every girl has her own collection of shows, yes … :)) ?

Joan Cuthill says:

Excellent my friend. They’re cute. God Bless you. ??

Sheila Bloom says:

How nice to have all those shows around. :-). Was that Mama Coco??

armancz says:

He is clearly intoxicated by… smelly shoes?

Horst König says:

so viele Schuhe und meine Größe ist nicht dabei ?

breadandcircus1 says:

I’d go to Russia to get that adorable kitten and bring him to America :)?

Funnycatsandnicefish says:

Orfey kitten trying to choose the right size for galoshes?

59Comete?59MysteryMan says:
2????????? "Diary Cats TV" says:

Nice Video!?

Mary Koroleva says:

Orfey kitten trying to choose the right size for galoshes?

Res Oleg says:

Orfey kitten trying to choose the right size for galoshes?

Zf003971 says:


Melinda de los Santos says:

Hahaha, I thought she was in Candyland! :d?

Gloria-Eloise Tudor says:
Rudaba Amin Chowdhury says:

I just want to cuddle that cute kitten?

Kuba Wagner says:

Te reklamy s? wkurzaj?ce, za to kotki przezabawne i warto czeka? na filmik
gdy si? wreszcie otworzy. Pozdrawiam ?

Elena M says:

Kitten and galoshes | FunnyCats:

ulrikaglamour says:

I love you, little Orfey!?

Aditi Debnath says:

U have got the most beautiful kittens. This channel always makes my day. ?

Sakae Wagatsuma says:
chaoticimpulse says:

Sooooo cute! 3?

oofahman says:

Cuteness overload off the charts!!! :)?

Aida Mohd says:


IrenaMV says:

Fantastic! All galoshes are his size…hahaha….?

limesquared says:

Those head-first dives were adorable. And so sweet to see Coco as usual,
ever watchful mama…?

Casey Barrett says:

It’s been some time since I’ve seen a new video so this was a wonderfull
surprise. 🙂 so cute little kittens :-D?

patricia mcdermott says:

so dang cute. kittens really love shoes. that is how one of my cats got
his name. he used to sleep and play in my bfs “macgregor” tennis shoes.
how he slept in there i will never know because those things stunk.. lol
peee ewww..?

Gary Jordan says:

So adorable! ?

tigeriys1 says:

As much as I love every kitten from each litter Momma Coco has, there’s
always one who somehow steals my heart and is a superstar! One is always
more playful and shows such great personality and it shows in the videos.
First, Rosy, then Panda, now Orfey!
They are all sooooooooooo adorable!!! ?

Marisa M.A says:
javagurk says:

aaaaaaah the good smell of camembert, old gouda and mushrooms…?

inna soo says:

awww that was sooo cute 🙂 orfey can’t decide which one to wear :P?

123rockstar2010 says:

Sooooo cute! Hahaha?

Ligia Caldwell says:
Silje Arstein says:

Oh my god…. Staph?

aligrandi anniina says:

Awwww… sooo sweet!! ??

Anne Marie Dippoliti says:

Such a precious baby!! And there was gorgeous Mama Coco watching her baby
closely as usual…….:-))

Suyesnoeuds says:

He definitely wants to find the right size. Cute little bugger :)?

Gunslinging Kitten says:

dam i need to stop watching theese videos in heaven
i keep going to a better heaven each time i watch one because i die of the
cuteness overload?

Beth Bonneville says:

Yep, these green ones’ fit.?

John Shiva says:

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