Kitten becomes so playful after his eyes are treated

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One week ago, my cousin called me and said there was a lonely, meowing kitten with eye infection in his yard. So I went over there, caught him and brought him to our house for treatment. As his eyes started to open more each day, he became more and more playful!

Update on 08.08.2018:
I had started searching for a home for this little guy on different platforms in Turkey even before this video was uploaded. But for three weeks no one called or sent an e-mail. So this past weekend, I finally decided to adopt him myself. But since I already have Santi (my own seven and a half years old cat) inside, my vet recommended testing this little guy for fiv, corona, etc. before I introduce him to Santi. So his blood was tested this past Monday and the results came negative!
I am going to move to my own house next week and I will be taking this little guy there with me and Santi. I will try to introduce him to Santi very slowly. Santi has always been the only cat in the house so I imagine it won’t be easy to get him to like the little one but I will try every trick in the book. And hopefully they’ll get along in the end. Wish us luck!

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Bu videoyu yüklemeden 5-6 gün önce bu yavru için Türkiye içerisinden yuva aray??lar?na ba?lam??t?m ama 3 hafta boyunca ne arayan ne de buraya b?rakt???m e-posta adresinden bana ula?an oldu. Ben de geçti?imiz hafta sonu art?k kediyi kendim sahiplenmeye karar verdim. Evde de 7 buçuk ya??nda kedim (?anti) oldu?undan veterinerimiz bu yavruya fiv, corona testlerini yapt?rmam?z? önerdi. Pazartesi günü yapt?rd?k ve sonuçlar negatif ç?kt?. Önümüzdeki hafta kendi evime ta??n?yorum, bu yavruyu da ?anti’yle beraber yan?mda götürece?im. Azar azar ?anti’yle yavruyu birbirlerine al??t?rmaya çal??aca??m. ?anti hep evde tek kedi olarak ya?ad???ndan biraz zor olacak tabii ama her yolu deneyece?iz bakal?m, in?allah al???rlar.


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