Kitten bit my finger & playing with his tail SO CUTE! Rare Cat Breed: Russian Blue

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Playin with my brothers kitten :D… Gta love the innocence of cats & all other animals – they are not human like us and cannot be corrupted by greed, lust, envy – evil. Filmed it on the off-chance he would carry on playing like he was and he did… Notice how he is utterly surrendering his loyalties to me due to trust, lying on me despite knowing my legs may move at any time, lying with his vulnerable organs showing face up the way only lions do when they trust another member of the pride – (yes a house cat but a member of the ‘cat’ family they all have the same virtues – google that shit!), biting passionately but not piercing, scratching gently then licking as though to show his appreciation and happiness for the fun and attention he was given – I didn’t ask for him to act this way he is naturally doing this because he wants to, not for show, he gives it because he want’s to give something back. Now in my opinion that is called beauty, and that is why I love to protect it wherever I come across it…


Meditational State says:

Kitten biting my finger & playing with his tail SO CUTE!!!?

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