Kitten Care : Kitten Care Tips

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Caring for a kitten involves supplying a shallow litter tray, making sure it eats regularly, allowing it to have quiet time by itself and handling it gently. Make sure a small kitten is healthy and active with helpful information from a practicing veterinarian in this free video on pet care.

Expert: Robert Sidorsky, DVM
Bio: Dr. Robert Sidorsky has been a practicing veterinarian for more than 25 years.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso


Miriam Rosabal says:

My dad is getting me 3 kittens so i gotta learn A LOT!!!
and i have 2 parrots!!!
i hope the kittens eat the birds! XD?

Kaylee Hart says:


Ayleen Guzman says:

My cat had 5 kittens a year ago 4 black and 1 gray striped?

Jazmine Gonzalez says:

My cat had five kitties three Grays and two black they are two weeks old?

G Money says:

I got a 2 month old kitten yesterday,and she is sneezing, what do I do with
my poor little Margo????

Karma says:


Melissa Jackson says:

I found two kittens eyes are closed im feeding it carnations milk with
water is that a good idea or should I go get pet formula?

Emma Gregory says:

I just found out my cat is pregnant!! So exited!!?

Amber Matthews says:

I’m getting a kitten in the next few months once I move out! So excited! :)?

24mathers says:

I got my six week old kitten who is white just yesterday and his name is

Travis Kraft says:

An animal shelter? As if those exist where I live. I feed the kitten but I
can’t take in every cat I see in the streets because there are thousands
where I live.

Travis Kraft says:

I found a kitten outside my building but it doesn’t seem to ever want to
drink water.

PulzeGaming says:

Give it wet food

kittylover7dogs says:

i love cats soooo much

Falyn Angel says:

kittenz rule

kittylover7dogs says:

i looooovvvee cats

Peekatew says:

It depends on the dog cat and kitten but you should let them play together
and see if they’re going along well if they hurt it then keep them
separated until he/she grows up

firewolf101 says:

I got a kitten today and the tiny little kitty scares my 10 year old big
dog haha she backs off whenever my kitty gets pissed off haha it’s

Noelle Jordan says:

Video is too vague in parts (i.e., what does plenty of food mean – how much
food is plenty?) There is a much better video on newborn kitten care, here
on youtube.

Shania Albano says:

Getting a Khao Manee in October 12th!

bunnytummy123456789 says:

someone respond im nine and i think that i really want a kitten and want to
know if i can handle the responsebility i already have a cat not a kitten
and a dog will they hurt it

Mia Freid says:

Getting a Siamese in a couple days!!

mileyfandeb says:

i have 2 cat haters in the the house my dog and my sister who im most
worried about but im still getting one

d'leh merk says:

nice tips

The7thOne says:

I have a kitten 10.2 weeks old his name is Keeko.

Mr2HelpYou says:

I have a kitten who is 9 weeks, it is tiny still but no matter what we do
he insists on going upstairs, he shoots up like a rocket when he gets a
chance but the only thing is we have gaps in our stairs so he could jump at
any point, he seems fine but no matter what we do we cant stop him, if he
fell would he survive? He seems really good at going up and down he has had
a sniff at the gap and knows they are there, is he okay to go upstairs? I
know it could as be bad for his joints in his legs!

rokkema alturki says:

well depends if you train them correctly they will be best of freinds but
they may hurt it at first

amirbhti1 says:

THUMBS UP if you came to this video because of the cute cat picture!

Abrahamforce7 says:

I have a kitten and the reason why they need a litter box is because
vizuhbha they like to dig the poo they make its a habbit

hall31605 says:

A grown cat may hurt the kitten and so will a dog, based on how they react,
it’s good to keep the kitten separate from them for a few weeks, let them
smell them under the door or visit for short times and give them treats.
It’s really important to give the old cat all the attention when they are
together to let the old cat know that it is still it’s territory or it
won’t like the kitten and may start “spraying” or peeing on stuff to mark
it’s territory, it’s less likely to do that if it’s fixed.

IceShadow1199 says:

Try giving it cat milk

Waratoku says:

No, but without one, they tend to poop all over the house.

renee4224 says:

my kitten sometimes tries to rough play when i pet him how do i get him to
stop that

MrWassabi321 says:

Im getting a kitten for my b-day which is in 12 days!

Singer4ever00 says:

I ju st got a callico kitty

Maryam Zilhusna says:

Kinda..But…I think you want to put the baby or kittens somewhere save,and
keep an eye out for the dog

Travis Kraft says:

No one really cares much where I live. Not only are there thousands of cats
in the streets, there are thousands of kids living in the street begging
for money every day to survive, doing drugs just so they can kill the pain
of being hungry.

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