Kitten Care Tips For New Cat Owners

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Learn how to prepare your home and provide the best care for your new kitten.Dr. Karen gives 5 tips for a new kitten. From kitten proofing your home and finding a vet to socializing your new kitten, these new kitten care tips will help you have a long, healthy life together.

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SocialLocust says:

I love cats so much. How cute. One of our carts doesn’t like the
scratchers. She prefers to go outside and claw the fence. Lol weird?

Marie Averitt says:

Love cats?

Christy Mullins says:

Cats are way more fun than I thought?

Angie Hykes says:

So cute!?

Leilani Jones says:

Lv kitties?

Leilani Jones says:

Cats r fun?

bluecinch says:

Excited to get my kitten home soon!! ?

SimmerFromTheBeyond says:

my new cat already climbs my shoulders o,o?

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