Kitten & Cat Care : How to Raise Just-Born Kittens

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Raising just-born kittens involves building a warm nest for them and feeding them an appropriate milk replacement throughout the day. Make sure the kittens are free of any diseases with information from a practicing veterinarian in this free video on pet care.

Expert: Marcia Martin
Bio: Dr. Marcia Martin is a 1990 graduate of Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine.
Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin


hefhef54321 says:

hey everyone, I have a question
My cat gave birth to 4 kittens and they’re about 2 weeks old now. 2 have
opened their eyes.
The problem is one of those 2 has only 1 eye opened and the other is still
shut, it doesn’t look swollen, it doesn’t seem to irritate him and I don’t
see any puss, but his eyelids look like they’re glued together or
something. Should I be worried??

Danielle Perkins says:

It says about 12 oz 4 x’s a day at abut 2 weeks. I’ve got one that I’ve had
since she was about 2 days old. Luckily she got her mom’s milk for the
first few days. But Most of when I read will tell you how many oz total per
day and then tell you to divide it between the feedings. So would I be
feeding her 12 oz per feeding or 12 oz total divided by 4. the kitten
bottles I have hold 2 oz. She usually drinks about 1/4 or a bit more per
feeding. I can’t imagine feeding her that whole bottle 6 times in one
feeding. So is this 12 oz total in one feeding because that just seems like
way too much. ?

Bill Jeff says:

shes laughing so hard inside?

Lps Star says:

The kitten is so adorable!?

karl davies says:

so cute we have to cats whose just had a litter sow we got 15 cats in
the house?

naruto uzumaki says:

You should go to the vet?

adirfrida88 says:

Can I feed my kittens with soy milk??

Makayla Embry says:

this makes me want to rush my kittens Moonshine and Mittens to have kittens?

Marphy Valdez says:

LP STAR is anoob.?

tearsangelz says:

the black kitten.. soo cuteeeee?

Marphy Valdez says:

Cathy is a nooooooooooooooooooooooooooob!!!!!!!!?

Lola Plays says:

I’m getting a 10 week old?

Annabella Mercury says:

Im pretty sure a car cant have a litter of 13.?

sonik1219 says:

Hi everyone. I have a question. My cat just gave birth to 3 kittens. I’m
wondering what food I can feed her to give her nutrients and help in milk
production for the babies. I don’t use commercial food. Also, is Pacific
Saury safe to give to my cat, especially when she’s breastfeeding her

fnchrstphr says:

What kind of milk can kittens be fed if not cow’smilk?

Arthur Marauder says:

Thanks for the cheers up :/

someperson344 says:

thank you ! 😉

ShotzAnimations says:

omg yes i did.

Alex Watkins says:


munchking1996 says:

sooooooooooo cute i want one thoes kittens and i suscribe you

Rasheed Patterson says:

but what if a mom cat have the kittens on the front steps? of your house

kburt987 says:

O.m.g. Those kittens are sosososo cute! I want a kitten so bad!

Sandy Wolfe says:

then i’m glad you didn’t mean it. because it was really heartless.

avionicswirenut says:

I wish people would get their pets fixed unless they inteed on being a
professional breeder….July 25 2010 we found 4 little kittens in our
backyard…No evidence of a mama no where and they were out in the
open….They were about a week old or so….So here we are trying to save
these little guys..She makes it sound easy, but it takes lots of
time….Eliminate the fleas and get them eating and get their little house
in order…4 days still have not seen evidence of a mama cat…

willsburd says:

is that a bengal kitten???!!! cause i love em!!!!

Arthur Marauder says:

Ah, ok .. here what i did… im a really bad asshole person.. i fed my
kitten cow milk… for like 2 weeks now.. and she got sick of the wither
cuz of the low digree…

arcticblueice says:

The kittens face at 1:26 was priceless ~ what a sweet little kitten. Thank
you Lord for creating such wonderful creatures for us to enjoy. Blessed is
the name of our Lord Jesus Christ ~

catastrovision says:

@jurabelle Dogs suck, they stink and they are ugly

Sandy Wolfe says:


fridsade says:


catastrovision says:

@jurabelle Cats are awesome their whole life.

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