Kitten Gentling – Training for a 6-12 week old Kitten!

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Kitten Genling as demonstrated by Dr. Rolan Tripp of the animal behavior network. Join my veterinary education channel for more free pet info:


Mike Schmidt says:

good info just got a feral kitten he’s probably 9 weeks old or just about 9
weeks within 24 hours i had him fairly hand friendly within 48 hours he
tolerates though little at a time being picked up he’s still not good on
the floor and he gets grumpy if he’s tired but he seems to be taming up
really nice thanks to this video i now know i can work with him more in
this fashion soon for this being my first cat ever i think im doing pretty
good with him?

Awesome Dalton says:

Thank you I’m might be getting a kitten for Christmas ?

Vader's Wingman 211 says:

Really handy to know as I’m adopting a 6 week old female kitten on Monday!
I’ve had a cat all my life up to the age of 12, so I have experience with
them but not with kittens… So thank you, sir!
RIP- Barley, 1996-2011… There couldn’t have been a more perfect cat, I
can honestly say! Let’s hope this kitten tries to live up go Barls the

Leslee Hunter says:

This is so good to know. Kittens are so tiny, and we are afraid sometimes
to do this kind of gentling. ?

Angie Weeks says:

It looks like he’s abusing the poor thing… ?

Tooba XD says:

thank you so much, this was really helpful to know.?

Angie Weeks says:

And its august 8th and I’m getting a kitten…but I’m not going to move its
limbs forward and completely back! It will break the kitty ?

yumiyumisa says:

nice video thanks

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