Kitten Launches Like A Missile

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Baxter the kitten (now known as Cat Stevens) makes one great leap for kittenkind!
We fostered this wonderful little cat family for VOKRA (the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Assoc.) in the summer of 2014 and all of them were adopted into fabulous forever homes. Support VOKRA by clicking the link below, thanks!


DrNworb's KitsCats says:

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celinne700 says:

News headline: NASA launches its first ever kitty missile named “Baxter”.
Baxter was ejected into space for approximately .000000000056 of a second
at 1224563467588 miles an hour. After his brief foray into high speed space
exploration he swore never to do catnip again and then hurried to his

Sean Parsons says:

I can see where your coming from Doug,Baxter did kinda resemble a
missile,that was some leap :-D?

The Playhouse Pals says:

Obviously Baxter was ready for take off! Vroom vroom =oD?

M. Franca Serrau says:

Ok people give me a go, no go for the flight. Busters: Go! Baxter: Go! ?

James From Cambridge says:

Boy is he gonna be trouble! I wouldn’t be surprised if kitty there leads
the upcoming cat uprising…!?

Oregon Bill says:

Ha ha I seen but I couldn’t believe there was no countdown. lol?

drivernjax says:

Not just a missile, Doug, an ICBM, straight up. LOL.?

Michita The kitty says:

That was so funny, kitten is a great climber, thanks for this video, hugs ?

the Klumpenkind says:

100% so cute :)?

Melinda de los Santos says:

All that climbing reminds me of Monkey when he was little. :)?

DJMovit says:

I thought Triggers were the only ones with bottoms made out of springs!
As always, just too cute.
Thanks for sharing these precious gems!

Anke Heldmann says:

funny my friend, like it, happy day for all?

Nellene Ulmer says:

The clip seemed more about Jimi climbing than Baxter and his little
jack-in-the-box imitation (rather than a space launch), just my opinion.
Still cute.?

DrNworb's KitsCats says:

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Gwendoline Merrick says:

I’m aware that cats can aerially take off & land but this is a new one.
Wondering what they were fed on.?

jolcha1 says:

Haha! Baxter is a very reasonable Kitten, he escaped in the nick of time,
before fat, fluffy Mitch chocked tunnel!:))?

magpieeye says:

Almost like he had springs on his little kitty feet :)?

Robert Chandler says:

I had to abandon my cat missile program. They tend to launch, with no
countdown or warning, at the strangest targets. By my calculations, their
blast radius would have exceeded their range anyway. ?

warrior cat lover warrior cat fan says:

Aw so cute.?

For The Love Of Animals says:

Moonbeams and Monkeyshines!?

Synclaire Sibella says:

Hey, you guys have two new additions to your fur family? Well

Romy Shinra says:

Precious little stinkers. What a joy to watch.?

Peter Stevano says:

Who is the one on top of the tree, cupcake??

Debra Ganshaw says:

I am so very sorry, I just now found out. Your tribute to him is beautiful
and I am of course crying. May his cross over the bridge be as joyous as
his life. <3 ?

Michael Chrush says:

Fire in the hole!?

gigi101060 says:

haha, this kitty was a good climber! we suffered a lot, when our Nikki was
a baby, climbing the boards and often we did not find her, rescuing her
later on by dismounting cabinets!
thankyou for the video, xxoo Gigi?

superbellabeau says:

The launch of Baxter! The kittens you fostered were so cute! Love it!:)?

Nicole Theoret says:

Love all the kittens, those that are quiet and those with too much energy.
They’re all very energetic, healthy and happy… ?????????????

Tal Mamatov says:

that’s a kitten missile, the most lethal weapon known to men (and
especially woman) :)?

TheDevilOfKimon says:

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE…IDCM..In Door Cat Missile ..?

Ms Burnette says:

Lol! Very cute.?

MegaKittyChannel says:

beautifull video?

Dymeczka says:

Wonderful tunnel 3x :))?

Kreszentia Bichlmaier says:


oreo gamer14 says:

Well that kitten knows how to clime?

Horst König says:

ihnen geht es gut ?

DrNworb's KitsCats says:

Please share our video if you like it!?

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