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Open for all of the FAQ’s and details!

Our hedgehog Harley plays with our FRIEND’S (not ours!) kitten Loki.
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What is this song called and who sings it?
It is called ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’, originally sung by Randy Newman from Toy Story. This cover is by Alanna Matty and you can find her here:

What is this filmed on?
Canon 5D Mark III with a 50mm lens

What do you use to edit?
Final Cut Pro and After Effects.

How old is Loki?
He is 2.5 months.

Why is Harley in soapy water?
Hedgies take bath’s too!

Why do you own a hedgehog, isn’t it a wild animal?
This is an African Pygmy hedgehog, purchased from a breeder.
In Canada it is legal to own this type of hedgehog as a pet. It varies per country and state.

Did Loki eat Harley?
Yes, yes he did….

…no obviously not lol.


Kool Jay Smoove says:

Such cheesy fuckin music.?

Tiitu says:

They are both so cute ?
and the music is so fitting :)?

Cheyenne Swann says:

who would hate this. this is adorable?

T ? z ? ? ? ? says:


Ng Shi Wei Bryan says:

Good defender training for the cute hedgehog?

Ruby Spence says:

OMG Love at first sight?

merilanewell says:

Lovely video and love that song. ?

Andrew Pelletier says:

Found Silver & Blaze ?

Jaxson Segriff says:

I was screaming in pain of how cute this was?

Eva K says:

hedgehogs are adorable. i love them.?

Cristian Hedrea says:

Aperture is so wide man… you're killing the video… :)?

Dziewcz? Cukier T?czowe says:

I too have two little female kittens named Marcelina and Natasha :))?

María Calderón (Pato) says:

Sooo sweet! ???

zero Treeamo says:


?????????? ?????????? says:

Beautiful video..?

zweiex says:

Kitten: This mice is a spiky one.
Hedgehog: Move! I am Sonic.?

Paulomi Rahman says:

Funny :D?

Keira Costanza says:

So sweet! That was just adorable!!!! ?

Jinx Cain says:

Freakin seriously!?  Soooooo cute!!!!!!!!?

Cubanopate says:

Sanik is 3fast5this pussy.?

Layla The Hedgehog says:

Sonic meets Blaze! XD?

Josh Twenty says:

Toy story music, nice :D?

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