Kitten – Memphis (Official Video)

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Director: Tsarina Merrin
DP: Sam Kretchmar
Production Company: Unbundled Underground
Gaffer: Nick Perry
Coordinator: Lucas Pedersen
Hair & Make-up: Heather Rose Harris
Styling: Princess Gollum
PA: Leandra Soop
Editor: Thomas Emmet Ashton
Color: Luca Balser

plane ride 5 am,
how’d we end up in a dirty hotel down in memphis
you’re a bedroom guy, i’m a bedroom girl, but you know it don’t mean the same thing
demolition guy , shout out loud, you know you are depressing
does your mother care? does she still pray by, this time next you’ll be married
and you’ll quit your job and i bet you will, i bet you’ll never come back to memphis
what’s that stereo?
oo la la la bet you didn’t have one in memphis
where’s your heart, play your favorite record and maybe we can relate more
i’m an Avril kid, yes I said it I loved her I am a human
feel 64 feel 34 i’m 24, you’re just a robot
and it’s so serene, think i’m relaxin and i’m feeling all so important
let’s take a trip, give me a kiss, don’t wanna sit on this
and we’ll never come back to memphis

ring tones, echoes, delay
missing you isn’t something that i am used to
did you expect, I could not expect the way that i feel about you
lets run away, let’s get away, we can choose a house on a hillside
with a wooden fence, i can stay at home wear my hair up nice with the children
i’ll be a loving mom, won’t judge at all, and we’ll never go back to memphis
and when you cry just remember that

when deep cuts are piercing through
you know that you can always cry on my shoulder
those skyscrapers feel like sandpaper, i know how words can hurt you
you’re a warrior, my warrior, you know i’ll be the armor
a tender heart, when we connect and you let go you are perfect
don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, we’ll never go back to memphis
and we’ll never go back to memphis
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