Kitten rescue

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Rescued kitten transformation:
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Hello friends, we will show you the newest member of our family. We rescued this poor kitten few days ago. He was very scared and it was very hard to catch him, the kitten bit me few times and scratched my whole hand but we managed to rescue him. We took him home in a box and gave him some food but kitten was very shocked and scared. We gave him some space but he hid under the bed and stood in the corner like paralyzed for many hours. We have rescued kittens before but we have never had so shocked and scared kitten. Poor fella didn’t want to eat or drink and we were very worried so we had to force feed him. After few days he started to eat by himself but he is still scared to come out around us. It will take some time, but we really believe he will be happy with us, after some time we will introduce him to our other two cats. We will keep you updated about him.

Oh, I forgot to tell you – we named the kitten Sopolcho.
Thank you for the support. Please rescue kittens in danger and orphaned kittens.

We are Stoyan and Dessy and we love animals, especially cats, we have two cats – Alexa and Rijo, and a dog – Lora. In our country there are lots of feral and stray cats, they live on the streets and feed from the trash cans. Some people love them but some hate them and hurt them. Unfortunately we can’t help all cats, but we will do our best. Please support us by subscribing to our channel.


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