Kitten Rescue! An AGSM

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I made this video because what happens in it is similar to how I found a newborn kitten last summer. I was biking around my grandparent’s neighborhood and found an orange baby kitten on the sidewalk in 100 degree weather. I waited for a long time nearby but the mother never came back. I brought him home and took care of him much like how Emma does in the video. Luckily I kept biking around the area I found him at, and I eventually did find the mother a few days later and returned him to her. Lucky has 2 other siblings, both beautiful brown tabbies. After the kittens were weaned, the mother got spayed. He is 1 year-old now and I got him adopted by a nice family with a little boy who loves him very much. I was also inspired to make this video because of the YouTuber and Instagrammer, Kitten Lady. She is a professional kitten rescuer and humane educater who fosters orphaned neonatal kittens. Here is her website for info on neonatal kitten care (I also put it at the end of the video) You guys should totally check her out, she’s an amazing and caring human being 🙂

Her website:
Her YouTube: Kitten Lady
Her Instagram: @kittenxlady


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