Kitten Rescue at the Abandoned Lincoln Mall

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Throwback to a demolition explore at Lincoln Mall (Matteson, IL) last year… I was in a store near Carson’s on the lower level that was later used for fixture storage, then eventually walled-off and forgotten about until someone kicked a hole through it. As I looked around where a Nintendo 64 display had been stashed, I started hearing faint squeals, and eventual mews. After about 10 minutes of searching I came across SEVEN newborn (as in days-old, they weren’t there the weekend before) kittens buried under debris, piled on top of each other for warmth. Their eyes not even open, and stains from birth still on the cardboard below them.

I’ve rescued street kitties before, but never this young. Normally I’d leave them for the mother to relocate, but with demolition crews plowing skid-steers through the place Blues Brothers-style and pushing the debris out into the mall, I figured their chances of survival were a crap shoot no matter what.

Fortunately the South Suburban Humane Society was in the next town over, and after consulting them and weighing all options, we decided to take the chance and evacuate them. I’m told they all survived in the care of a surrogate mother, and were adopted out to loving homes.

Special thanks to photog and friend, nitram242; and the South Suburban Humane Society for their assistance that day.


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