kitten rescue stuck in the waste dump ?The kitten rescue story will melt your heart ?

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kitten rescue stuck in the waste dump ?The kitten rescue story will melt your heart ?
Source/ FB Shayane Torres
Hello, I am an person like everyone in the world who loves animals. Especially dogs puppy and cats kitten , Where I live, the people here are very poor, the people are busy making a living, there is no time to take care of dogs like puppy and cats, so cats and dogs are abandoned a lot, and cats and dogs homeless no one even takes care of no shelter, no pet store or vet, I love animals especially dogs and cats, so the goal of the channel is to appeal to all of us join hands to protect animals, You see, everyone in the world has a love for animals. We can take care and protect animals together all, I ask everyone to support me, subscribe to the channel, and share videos with your friends
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God saved the kitten from the waste dump rescue story will melt your heart, Found Rescue Kitten In wast dump Near Main Road And He Is Extremely Terrified, baby Kitten By The Dumpster Waiting For Someone To Save It
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