Kittens Are Ferocious Hunters & Litter Box Training Is Hard Work

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The tigers, especially Natasha, are learning their hunting skills. The bottle babies are screaming for food as usual. The spicy kittens are really starting to love me!!

My foster Sarah has started an Instagram spotlighting her rehabilitation and foster work for Community Cats. Her daughter, Lyla, who is featured in one of my videos talking about Mr. Whiskers is helping her out. Sarah does some incredible work with older and injured cats. She is currently rehabbing Rixie who is the father to Leo and Remy. He was very seriously injured. We think something attacked the whole family because the kitten’s mom was also injured. Thankfully, the kittens were perfectly safe and healthy. If you would like to see another side of Community Cats and the work that we do go check out her posts here:

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Welcome! My name is Stephanie and am the founder of Community Cats of Central Arkansas Feline Rescue. My organization rescues cats and kittens of all shapes and sizes statewide. The videos on my channel feature the ones that I am personally fostering. I specialize in saving neonatal kittens, critical care (illness/injury) and euthanasia rescues. I work closely with a wonderful team of vets/vet techs and all kitties that come into our care are speutered, vaccinated including rabies, medically vetted and socialized before finding their forever homes. I am very passionate about saving the lives of these sweet angels.

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Hope – Intake 9-21-19 – Black female – Severely malnourished w/ gastrointestinal disorder. In Main House

Tipper – Russian Blue – Female – Broken back leg
Ivan – Black SH Male – Russian Litter
Natasha – Tabby with white chin – Female – Russian Litter
Sasha – Tabby with full white muzzle – Female – Russian Litter
Nicolai – Tabby with white stripe on nose – Male – Russian Litter
Mia – Gray SH Female – Tarantino Litter
Jackie – Black SH Female – Tarantino Litter
Cliff – Ginger Tabby Male – Tarantino Litter
Rick – Ginger Tabby Male – Tarantino Litter
Quentin (Werewolf) – Black LH Male – Tarantino Litter
Leo – Ginger Tabby Male SH – Tire Swing Litter
Remy – Cream/Ginger Male SH – Tire Swing Litter
Cosmo – Black MH Male – Spicy Litter
Nova – Black SH Female – Spicy Litter
Stella – Black SH Female – Spicy Litter

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Brie – Brown Tabby – Singleton
Thomas – Brown Tabby – Singleton

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