Kittens in training at Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter

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We recently hosted Animal Actors week, a special week-long event which offered visitors the chance to see some of the most iconic animal actors from the Harry Potter film series.

A selection of animals, trained by Head Animal Trainer Julie Tottman, revisited the sets they frequented when working on the films, including the owls who played Hedwig and Pigwidgeon as well as the cats who played Crookshanks and Mrs Norris.

Julie also trained a litter of six kittens to become feline thespians, especially for Animal Actors week. They tried out their new skills in a blue screen set here at the Studio Tour, as the kittens who were filmed for Umbridge’s kitten plates did.


Javier Vasquez says:

Did you know i have train
My cat even though he’s 10 mouth old.?

Whisper X says:

“She sits beautifully and stares at her food” — Me everyday.?

Kai Sertten says:

I want one!?

G Newman says:

i love classic silver tabby and any type of cats! *like*?

stridgicals says:

Brilliant! Those gorgeous kittens are so talented. Just proves that you can
train cats as easily as dogs. I love it!!! ?

Deli Sammich says:

this is so effing cute?

timrob12 says:

2:00 Must be quite annoying when a student tries to put the light out on
his/her wand and then this kitten shows up, thinking someone called for it.?

Puzzsta says:

These kittens are so precious!?

brandon smith says:

wear did get the kettins from ?

DreamyMarie says:


Smudge One says:

Mostly named after harry potter names and phrases!! Cute

Kamaluhe says:

Love it!! It’s so cute *-*

cobb829 says:

the kitties are so cute!

coolbeanz1234567 says:


brandon smith says:

the cats hare so cute

LostInMinds says:


Nikki Li Apple says:

This made me so happy. lol

deezmeister2010 says:

Best. Job. Ever.

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