Knitting Podcast, Knit Style Podcast 209-Cat Toys

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Join Rich and I as we discuss a fun day out, old hobbies, and stories about Thomas the cat. Oh, and knitting of course!

Shop Update: Weds. 8/23/18 at 8:00pm

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Richie’s Shawl: (based on) Wellington Worksock Shawl

Maytham Shawl by Helen Stewart

Le Moelleux Shawl by Mina Phillip:

“Comfort Fade Cardi” By Andrea Mowry

“Farmor” by Skeindeer Knits

Other items mentioned:
Vinterfjell by Skeindeer Knits

Rose by Andrea Mowry

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2 Color Socks by Joji Locatelli

Coffee Talk Socks by Tracie Miller

Leather Wrist Ruler

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