Leash Training #Cute #Ginger #Kitten at #Petco; First Store Visit for Helios

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Filmed 25April14. This is the very first time Helios had ever been in a pet store. We get him a leash and harness then let him try it out. Helios even gets a treat of Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-free Kitten wet food.
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NOTE: This was filmed with my previous camcorder, a cheap POS Kodak PlaySport. I now use a Canon camcorder.

Background music: Music For Manatees
Courtesy of Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com
Song can be downloaded at http://incompetech.com/wordpress/2014/01/music-for-manatees/
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0



Zeus & Phoebe's Cat Sanctuary says:

Wow, dry cat food is cheap in usa. Oh, well done Helios!

halemary rocha says:

Ur awesome ?

Little Wolf says:

Is Helios trained to stay on your shoulders or are you still training him?
Sorry for the silly upcoming question but how do I train a kitten to stay
on my shoulders when I get one in the future 😮 or does it depend on their
nature thoughts?

Liam Mahan says:

I subscribed when he had around a couple hundred subs?

Len Stuffleluffleluphagus says:

Hahah, one of my kittens does that sometimes, but she usually jumps off
after a few minutes of me walking around.?

Ccraft Gaming says:

He’s so cute!?

ElizabethAnn625 says:

I was thinking maybe if you try one of those birdie cat toys on a long pole
and just trail it in front of him to get him to move that might help him
along. I f he has something like that to distract him he would follow it to
try and catch it. I had to laugh a couple of times when you were dragging
him. He was just not having any of it. ;D. He is so cute!?

Best1PIBfan4ever says:

SO CUTE!!! :D?

Rose Eastyy says:

Very cute ginger kitten , used to have a cat called john that looked like
him ?

Trey Batman says:

You named all of your cats after Greek god therefore we are best friend s?

Sean K says:

Very cute cat?

Dawn Valles says:

How old is Helios

Zan Pyr says:

Ever tried clicker training??

Alec Parker says:

Kittens sure love you.?

Janelle Co says:

When do kittens get shots? And what kind of shots do they need? Can you
please tell me the requirements because I’m fairly new to all of this.
Thank you in advance 🙂 Love you kitties!!?

AugustAdvice says:

I really want to see Helios hang out with Zeus and Phoebe! Are you gonna
make a video of that sometime soon? :)?

Epiccatsandkittens says:

Beautiful kitten that kitten is so cute?

Domingo Herrera says:

Every time I look at your video it’s makes me want to have my cats ?

Owen Shell says:

Its so cute

Crystal Wagner says:

I just put my cat down today, my heart hurts for him, watching this video
takes my mind away from the pain I am feeling.?

Kryshta Lambert says:

He’s like, but daaadd~ I wanna hiiiiddde!!! don’t wanna go over there.
He’s super cute!?

Susanna Gregory says:

he’s so mall?

Susie Norris says:

I love your sweet cats, especially Helios!?

shotgun raptor says:

so Helios is a month old??

Holly Oremland says:

Helios is a beautiful kitten!! Such pretty blue eyes. Now Pheobe and Zous
have a brother. I liked this video and I liked the music in background.
Very nice. Thanks for sharing.?

Irene Derrick says:

Helios has such beautiful eyes!?

Tal Mamatov says:

those little squeaks are enough to melt a thousand hearts! ?

AngelTheKitty says:

Helios is so cute!!?

Keralis Nametag says:

At home we have 2 cute kittens coming over daily. Today they were exploring
the car, So cute. Im allergic so i cant have my own kitten, and im very sad
about it, I wish i could have one.?

Mitchell Mahon says:

Teaching him while he’s young.?

Epiccatsandkittens says:

whats the name of this song?


Awwww it made me cry to think of my kitten she had died not to long agoand
hes sooooooooooo cute it made me cry thats how cute he


Jamie77153 says:

Aww, you must be a really good owner (it brings tears to my eyes(aswell as
the music)) ;-;?

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