Lily – Singapura Kitten Rearranging the Paintings (Smallest Cat Breed in the World)

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In this video, Lily, my 5-month-old Singapura kitten decides she doesn’t like the way my mom arranged her paintings and decides to do a little redecorating with her pal Cookie, a Chinese Crested Presper Terrier.

My little baby kitten, Lily is a 5-month old female Singapura. They are the smallest cat breed in the world and are extremely intelligent. She’s slightly over 3 pounds now and may grow to be another pound or two. Females can grow to be as small as just 4 pounds!

Lily has the personality of a dog and follows me everywhere I go, gets upset if I’m gone for too long and unlike many cats, never hides or stays by herself. She’s personable, loving and affectionate. On top of all that, I’m teaching her to do tricks!

So there you have it: a cat who acts so much like a dog, dog’s 3 times her size, don’t mind playing with her!


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