Live Stream – Kitten Christmas Special

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This is an interactive live stream of our neighbor’s newborn kittens.
Click here for Behind the Scenes:

UPDATE: Mistletoe is not currently working but should be back up on Saturday.

When the “likes” counter hits 0, cat treats will be dispensed from the fire place automatically. It lasts for about 2 seconds so don’t blink! You can also interact with the cats with the following commands:

– Type in “red”, “blue”, “yellow”, or “green” to change the light color.
– Donate $2 through SuperChat to activate the mistletoe
– Donate $5 through SuperChat to turn the fountain on/off
– Donate $10 to display your message on the TV.

There is about a 7 second delay on the stream.

Big thanks to Belgian Ben and Michael Reeves for helping with the coding on this:

All profits will go to help animals through the Amanda Foundation:

The mom “Margo” has appeared in a few videos with Prince Michael. Michael will be making appearances from time to time.

We plan to keep this video up 24/7 until Christmas.


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