Maine Coon – A Cat’s Life

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Join us in this Maine Coon cat video compilation as we show you the personality and routine of Hobie from the perspective of a cat’s life. We’ve owned and been around many cats over the years but no other cat has anything like the personality of our Maine Coon. He’s a loveable goofball. He lives to play and loves being chased jumping in and out of cardboard boxes and especially gets excited for laser tag where he runs and jumps after the red dot on either the couch or bed. Now that Hobie is two years old he is becoming more of a gentle giant allowing us to cuddle with him, pet his head and stroke his chin when he’s tired. If he’s active and we try to do that he’ll squirm right out of our arms as if he’s saying, ‘That’s enough of that mushy stuff!” One of his favorite new quirky habits is to perch himself high atop the kitchen counters and just look down at all of the action going on in the kitchen. He’s so comfortable up there he often falls asleep. Although he enjoys being in the room with us he’ll occasionally try to hide and one of his favorite spots is underneath wet towels. He eats very well but because we haven’t fed him any human food he has no interest in that and he’ll graze throughout the day but never pegs for more in his dish. He’s all about play and goofball activities. If he’s not allowed to do something, and he knows it, the temptation becomes stronger for him. He knows he’s not allowed by the plants but that doesn’t stop him from going there once in a while. Although he’s quite a demanding cat in terms of attention and play it is more than rewarding for us because he gives so much back in return. Honestly, we couldn’t imagine life without Hobie the Maine Coon cat.

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Maine Coon Cat Compilation – A Cat’s Life (Hobie turns 2) video transcript:

Oh, hello there, it’s me again. I’m Hobie the Maine Coon.

It’s been a while since my last video and I’m 2 years old now, so I thought it was high time for an update.

I’ve been living with my two humans for a while now and life is good.

They’re always coming up with new games for me. Laser tag on the bed is one of my favourites, and they also have something called yoga-kitty where they parade me around the house in yoga mat bag – it’s like lounging on a hammock. No complaints about that!

Amazon delivery days are my favourite. This is when I get new toys. While my humans are ooh-ing and ahh-ing over who knows what, I’m left with the boxes and wrapping paper. It’s glorious! I get to keep all the boxes for a few days.

I’ve also taken up botany. My humans have built me my very own jungle — why, I don’t know – but I try to oblige them by sniffing the plants, pawing the dirt, and chewing on leaves. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon if you ask me.

The are two young humans who visit me twice a year. The redhead likes to play with me, but his wife is a real cuddler. She scoops me up and tries to hold me like a baby. I don’t love, but I get a massage out of it, so I stick around for a bit.

They’ve been confusing me with all the names they have for me. I’m officially Hobie, but they also call me Bookie-Boo, Silly Goose Baba, Deedle, Hobster, and of course, Lobster, but I already knew that one.

Once I’ve had enough of my humans I retreat to my hiding place. They have some kind of treehouse in their kitchen so I climb to the top where I am out of reach. It also smells like food in this part of the house, so sometimes I fall asleep to the smell of chicken or roast beef. Ahh, food!

On that note, this is what they feed me. Yes, kibbles. I’ve been hinting at filet mignon for months but I’m starting to lose hope in the culinary department. It’s a cat’s life.

Anyways, that’s enough about me. I’ve had a busy day and it’s now time for my nap. Humans, which one of you is going to give me my tuck?

This is part of our cat videos series showcasing our Maine Coon cat Hobie.

Music in this video courtesy of Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 (song – quirky dog)


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