Maine Coon Cat 101 : All You Need To Know

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Maine Coons are friendly, loveable, and very vocal. Their sizable bodies and heavy, double-layer long hair kept them well-protected against the brutal cold in Maine, which is the state they originated from. With so much personality and love to give, you may soon find yourself leaning towards the Maine Coon breed. However, other than knowing how to properly care for your cat, it’s important to know the ins and outs of the breed you’re considering making a part of your family.

Here’s everything you need to know about the nature of Maine Coons and what makes these wonderful creatures tick.

Maine Coon Personality History.

There are certainly many things that make these pawed furballs extra notable. They were first recognized in the state of Maine. But Main Coon cats have a history that dates way back to when they were originally wild, outdoor cats. Later, they were domesticated to work in homes where they’d catch rodents and other pesky creatures. This breed happens to be the largest of the domesticated cats, from nose to tail, they come in at about 1 meter long. They also boast the title of the oldest natural breed in North America. Because of their long-standing history and far-reaching popularity, they’re known as ‘America’s Cat’.

Maine Coons as Family Pets.

The first thing to know about Maine Coons, is that they are friendly little fellas. While not clingy or overly dependent, they are certainly people-orientated. This makes them, like Siberian cats, excellent additions to any family. They’re amicable with their owners and strangers alike and are also very adaptable to their environment. They are rather perfect to have around young children because they’re super laid back and patient.

So whether you’re on a farm, in an apartment, or a house in the suburbs, your Maine Coon cat will adapt and thrive excellently. Just be aware that they are natural-born hunters. Whether you choose to let them pounce on mice or rather on their interactive toys, they need mental stimulation.

The lifestyle of Maine Coons.

Their chunky bodies don’t take away from their rather active and playful nature. It would be a great idea to invest in a cat toy to fully harness the fun you can have with these guys. And make no mistake, they require some regular exercise and room to move. It’s essential to accommodate their need for movement in order to avoid them becoming overweight. So while being an active and energetic owner will get the first prize, getting a decent cat tree is a good idea for those times that you can’t be around to play fetch.

The Maine Coon cat breed is very independent, so playing alone isn’t a problem for them. This can be a relief if you find it bothersome to have a clingy cat. But bear in mind that their size makes them easily clumsy when it comes to knocking things over. Maine Coon cats definitely need daily attention. Grooming your cat is one way to spend time with them. To ensure a smooth coat and avoid nasty fur tangles, they should be brushed regularly with a good cat brush. If your kitty is well-trained this grooming process should be easy and even fun.

Maine Coon Males.

While no huge differences exist between the sexes, there are one or two things you may want to keep in mind if you’re deciding between a male or a female Maine Coon. If it’s bubbly, outgoing, and charismatic that you’re after, then the male cat will be perfect for your family. These little guys tend to be more playful than their female counterparts and often even display some rather comical behavior. They love to make friends, show off, and be the center of attention, which can be thoroughly entertaining for you.

Maine Coon Females.

If it’s a smaller and less raucous cat that you prefer, then a female Maine Coon will be right down your alley. They still live up to the sociable reputation of the breed in general, but they tend to keep to themselves quite a bit more. And while they may be less socially inclined than males, they are still playful and also highly intelligent, they love to study those around them.


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