Maine Coon Cat 101 – An Essential Guide By Experienced Owners

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Our 101 guide to Maine Coon cats is the perfect way to learn many essential facts about Maine Coons.
We walk you through the origins of the Maine Coon and investigate where the name Maine Coon came from.
We look at Maine Coon size and how it can vary from one cat to another as well as male to female. You’ll find video of all the best Maine Coon characteristics including their coats, colors and patterns.
We explain the personality traits that make Maine Coons a perfect pet for anyone, especially families with children. Maine Coons also thrive well with other family pets.
The Maine Coon lifespan varies but they can live long lives with good breeding and care. These cats have very few health problems when bred responsibly but we explain the genetic diseases that can affect them.
Choosing a reputable Maine Coon breeder is very important so we cover how to choose the best one. We’ve included a 10-step guide of what to look out for and what to ask before you buy a Maine Coon.
Of course, we had to look at why Maine Coons are expensive and tell you what one might cost you. You’ll see why the Maine Coon price is high.

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