Maine Coon Cat Breed Questions Answered

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Maine Coon Cat Information –

Sean Coonery the big Maine Coon cat politely agreed to post a YouTube video to address common Maine Coon cat breed questions. Within this video, Sean Coonery answers whether or not Maine Coons are bred with raccoons. He also explains the Maine Coon’s relationship with the Canadian Lynx. The Canadian Lynx is basically a Canadian version of the bobcat that is built for colder climates. Sean Coonery also explains the large Maine Coon tail and the Maine Coon tufts of fur on their feet and ears. Sean Coonery also encourages any questions that viewers may have regarding the Maine Coon cat. I hoipe that you enjoy this video and please share this video with others! Filmed in 1080P HD with iPhone 5 camera.


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