Maine Coon Cat Catnip Craziness

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Maine Coon Cat Information –

Sean Coonery the Maine Coon cat loves catnip! Catnip makes him leap around and make a very wild growling sound. Within this video, I’m making a growling sound to try to encourage him to do it too. He makes a really friendly growling sound within this video but I was unable to capture the really wild growling sound that he makes on rare occasions. I hope that you enjoy this video and please feel free to check out my other videos too! As you can see, Sean Coonery the Maine Coon cat has quite a bit of Canadian Lynx in him. The tufts of fur on his feet, lynx tips on his ears and his bushy tail confirm that. Maine Coon cats make wonderful pets! Maine Coon cats are the best cat breed in my opinion and the only cat breed that is larger is the Savannah cat.


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