Maine Coon Cat Meets New Retriever Pup (Dog Is Scared Of Cat!!)

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Hey guys, so Shane’s Dad came round as you’re allowed in the gardens now in the uk. He has a golden retriever pup called Max that Phil has met before but never Niko. Niko is ver territorial and not overly friendly with other dogs as you can see here. Milo was very inquisitive of Max so we let him out to see. Theres definitely something to be said about animals and their communication, you can see Milo stands his ground and it’s actually Max that is weary of Milo and can’t pass him haha!

Milo looks like Gandalf’s beard on the floor saying ”ye shall not pass!”

Remember guys we’re doing the unboxing of our parcels on the 2nd July on Niko’s birthday. If you want to get involved be sure to leave a note with your post so we know who it’s from. Our address is below.

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