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Welcome to our Maine Coon Facts video, one helpful and handy Maine Coon Facts video that is crammed full of information on this great cat breed.

Maine Coon Facts Video content:
Cat Breed: Maine Coon (Also called the American Longhair).
One of the largest domestic cat breeds
Native to New England, Maine that was used as a farm cat and most likely also used as a ships cat in the 1900’s.

There are some that believe the Maine Coon may have arrived in North America with the Vikings.

Others believe they are the descendants of a longhaired cats belonging to Marie Antoinette who hoped to escape to North America.

One thing is for sure it is not as a result of mating a cat and a raccoon. How it got the name is most likely simply down to resemblance.
Full size is usually between three to five years of age.
Weight: 10 – 18Ibs. Adult males have been known to tip the scales at 20Ibs.
Origin: United States of America.

Adult Length: 1m (Nose to tail).

Colour: Maine Coon can come in a variety of up to 75 colour combinations.

Maine Coon Facts – Personality.
Very good natured and enjoys people company and will adapt to various types of lifestyles.
Tends to follow people around
Enjoys attention but if they are not getting any they will busy themselves by following you around and watching what you are doing.
They enjoy being close to human companionship but they are not what you would refer to as a typical lap cat.
They are good climbers but tent to prefer being on the ground.
They are intelligent and will pick up new tricks with ease.
Maine Coon Facts – Other Pets and Children.
The Maine Coon is an ideal choice for families with cat friendly dogs and children.
The Maine Coon thoroughly enjoys the company of children and will happily play with them, providing they are respected.
They need to be introduced to the family dog slowly and always under supervision until they get to know each other.
Maine Coon Facts – Health
Most cat breeds will have possibilities of health problems some may even be generic regardless of them being mixed breed or pedigree.
Some health issues that may affect the Maine Coon are, Polycystic kidney as the name suggests a kidney resulting in result in renal failure.
Other health issues can include, Hip dysplasia causing lameness and Spinal muscular atrophy that affects the skeletal muscles.
Maine Coon Facts – Care
The Maine Coon has a long coat providing you groom it regularly you will find it does will not mat easily.
Grooming twice a week will suffice.
The litter box should be kept clean like most cat breeds they tend to prefer a clean litter box
Like most cat breeds the Maine Coon can be an indoor or outdoor cat, deciding on which is best for your cat will be down to you.
Maine Coon Facts – Other Facts
Brown tabby is common for this breed but Maine Coons also come in solid colours, black, red, blue and white

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Maine Coon Facts

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