Maine Coon vs Ragdoll – What Are the Differences?

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Maine Coon – broad head, broad square muzzle. Large eyes oval in shape. Large ears, lynx tipped (wild looking ears!). Ears set high on the head. Large body. Substantial feet. Boning and musculature is substantial. Uneven shaggy coat.
Ragdoll – Pointed cat. Body is substantial. Sweet expression. Head is broad with slightly rounded contours. Muzzle is rounded and well developed as is the chin. Ears are medium sized with rounded tips. Oval eyes must be blue. Fatty pad on lower abdomen may be present. Coat is plush and silky. Coat breaks when cat moves (opens up in a lump). Ruff around head. Fur also long on rear legs.
Conclusion: they are quite similar in description but there are noticeable differences one of which is the ears (larger and lynx tipped on the MC) and coat type (shaggy vs silky). And of course the Raggie is pointed like a Siamese with blue eyes.


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