Mama cat chases a rescuer away as we tried to save her whole family! (Please watch until the end).

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This rescue is cool because it has a cool new trick I never used before. It turned to be a little dangerous as we didn’t know the mom was stalking us!

We are happy to do these rescues during these crazy times, and we just need the support of more people so we can do even more. A $5 donation is equivalent to 17 cents a day… think about it, it’s 3 nickles and 2 pennies to save lives!!!

Please visit our website and join us as a monthly donor:

Please let me know who is your favorite cat or kitten in this video and PLEASE, watch until THE END so all your questions will be answered… I know many will ask questions that are answered if you are patient like I was over there 😉

We posted NEW rescue videos on our channel – dogs, cats, skunks, possums – it’s time to catch up!

If you would like to adopt this special family, please contact our friends at the Kitty Bungalow:




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