Meet my Maine Coon mix – She's a Ferocious Angel!

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In this “Meet my Cat” video you will meet the most beautiful and complicated of our six cats, Malou La Croix. She’s a gorgeous Maine Coon mix (at least I think she is, but she could be part Norwegian Forest Cat…it is all a mystery). She’s a highly territorial cat who doesn’t like to share her space with other cats, which is hard when you’re living here at Kitten School foster home! Malou has her issues with jealousy but she’s an intensely loving girl and is very devoted to her mom (me!). I found Malou as an abandoned 6 week old kitten and she’s now 15 years old, so we have had a lot of wonderful years together. She’s the top cat in the house but her reign has recently been challenged by newcomer Snowy, but it’s going be a challenge to take the crown away from this ferocious queen! (I couldn’t help a little Game of Thrones reference in here, too)

Kitten School is a foster home for cat and kittens who need a safe place to stay while they grow, heal or learn to love. Saving cats is not always easy, but there’s plenty to learn with every foster who stays at Kitten School…be it a week old orphan kitten or an elderly cat abandoned at the shelter. We also have a TON of fun! Watching a Kitten School video is guaranteed to make you smile and to feel a little better about the world. Subscribe now and join the Kitten School family…a place for cat lovers of all ages and nationalities!

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