Mickey Cougar Gets Rescued

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Big Cat Rescue performs a much needed rescue for Mickey the cougar as well as several other animals on an Alabama property. Mickey is found to have been neglected to the point that his ACLs have deteriorated in both hind legs leaving him unable to walk without pain. In this video you can see Mickey’s former living conditions and what he came from to emerge as part of the Big Cat Rescue family.

A big shout out to everyone who helped:

Jamie Veronica – President of Big Cat Rescue
Dr. Justin Boorstein – Volunteer Vet at Big Cat Rescue
Regina Rinaldi – Senior Keeper at Big Cat Rescue

Loving Friends Transport – JT and Laura Taylor

Carolina Tiger Rescue – Kathryn Bertok and their vet

Popcorn Park

Tigers in America

Wildcat Sanctuary – Tammy Theis

The volunteer, former volunteers, and family of Carolyn Atchison

The inspector for Alabama’s DNR

Dr. Osborne, DVM

Video editing and narration by Jayanti Seiler www.jayantiseilerphotography.com


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