Mira, our rescue kitten

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If you would like to donate to Mira so that we can give her proper medical attention that would be AWESOME of you!
Thank you in advance!

Rescue animals always make the sweetest of pets ? =^•^= ?

My husband Zaak and I found Mira in the middle of the road last week starving and too tired to move. She was on her last moments of life when we picked her up and carried her home. After washing her up we noticed she had no external damage and was generally in great shape, no broken bones or signs of pain. We couldn’t understand why she was laying in the road like that. It must have been fate.
The first night we had her she was cold to the touch so we let her sleep on a heating pad to keep her alive and warm (if you do this with an animal you rescue, please watch them because heating pads can overheat and kill. I slept with her right next to my head so I could feel if the heating pad was too much) Since then, her favorite place to sleep is on my shoulder, neck, or wrapped in my hair ? cutie.
Now she is running around like a normal kitten with a cute bubble belly and sweet chirping meows (: ? I’m so glad we found her.

By the way, sorry for the last update video, it came out super small, I don’t know why. How this one will do (:

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