Monkey the miracle kitten rescue

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The video says it all

But this is the story of little Monkey

Monkey was stolen from her mother at just a few days old in horrible circumstances and entered a very abusive environment.

A few days later, she was swung around by her tail like a toy, so severely that she lost the use of her back legs.

The first opportunity to rescue Monkey came at 2 weeks old and it so Monkey was grabbed, hidden and brought back to a semi-decent health. The nearest vet or supermarkets were 8 hours drive away and the only food that could keep Monkey alive was baby formula which gave her constant diarrhea.

I heard about Monkey, even though she was 4000kms away and vowed to get Monkey to Perth where I am a proud member of a volunteer rescue organization named HAART.

The Homeless and Abused Animal Rescue Team

Monkey then had to take an 8hr drive and a plane ride to get to us where she could be treated by experts.

At first we didn’t even know if Monkey was a girl or boy. Her ‘bits’ were so mangled and swollen from dragging her little body around that nobody could tell. It took two more weeks once she was in Perth before we could finally say that Monkey was a ‘She’.

She is now having specialist treatment, daily therapy and massage and is flourishing.

She went into ‘Temp care’ with a special needs foster mum who took all of 5 minutes to fall in love with her and proclaim to the world that Monkey was now a permanent part of her home.

Monkey receives Bowan therapy and Red Light therapy which is helping with her severe nerve damage but will require permanent and ongoing care.

I made this video and set up a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for Monkey because Monkey represents everything we all should stand for…. Hope

She has overcome so many hurdles in her short little life.. We honestly don’t know how she survived.. But she did..

Us at HAART believe that nothing is impossible and every life is worth saving. Haart are full of volunteers, many who have full time jobs, but who will do anything to help an animal in need. This of course, comes with massive vet bills and so sadly we have to rely on donations to keep rescuing.

I hope you enjoy the video showing you her journey so far.


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