Moose and Cherub Follow-Up Vids, DW’s Kitten Reel

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We have two sets of follow-up videos for you today. The first is the follow-up for “Moose”. You might recall, “Moose” had the right axillary cyst that was infected.

Here is the original video:

Next up we have 2 follow-up visits with “Cherub”. She had the mid-back abscessed epidermoid cyst for which we used the new curette.

Here is that original video:

I will try to set cards to pop up during this video to take the viewer back to the originals if needed.

Enjoy some DW directed kitten footage at the end. We won’t have kittens for too much longer!

We had a very busy day today at the Cypress Lakewood Clinic. In all we shot 4 videos. Our friend Tom in San Antonio is working on one of them for you.

The others will likely make their way out during the week. If we continue to have bonus multiple video days then I will release more than one a day.

Thanks for being awesome fans! I love your incredible comments. You keep me motivated to make these videos!!


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