Most EXPENSIVE Cat Breeds

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Cats have been around for thousands of years. From the well-known cats the Egyptians domesticated to the numerous cats that fill the internet, cats have been able to take over the world with their beauty. And while you can find cats at almost any animal shelter, certain breeds can cost a small fortune to own.

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6. Maine Coon
The Maine Coon is believed to be one of the oldest cat breeds native to the United States. Unlike some of the other cats on this list, the Main Coon can be very large. The average weight of this breed is between nine to eighteen pounds. The Main Coon is a friendly breed of cat that gets along with other cats, children, and even dogs. Even with this breed’s beautiful coat, they don’t need much maintenance beyond combing once a week.

Since this breed is very popular, you usually cannot find them in animal shelters. There are a few online services though that can connect you with people who have rescued Maine Coons in the wild. When you find one, expect to pay around $1000 for a purebred Main Coon.

5. Sphynx
At some point in your life you have probably seen a photo of this hairless cat. It was initially created in 1966 and has since taken the world by storm in popularity. Its signature hairless coat is due to a natural mutation of the breed’s genes. The Sphynx is an outgoing cat that loves to be played with and yearns for constant attention. A common misconception about this breed is that since it has no hair, it is an excellent choice for people with cat allergies. However, most cat allergies come from dead skin cells that all cats have, including the Sphinx.

While a breeder is one of the most common ways to find a Sphynx for purchase, some adult Sphinxes can be found from rescue groups and the occasional animal shelter. Due to this breed’s popularity, most Sphinxes cost around $1500.

4. Savannah
Between this cat’s size and spotted golden coat, the Savannah breed looks like it is straight from the wild. It was created after breeding a domestic cat with a wild African cat in 1986. The Savannah breed has become wildly popular due to its friendly nature and exotic look. This breed is great with families, wanting to be by their side and played with constantly. It is vital that this cat has plenty of sturdy toys to play with at all times. If a Savannah becomes bored or too energetic, it can become very destructive, even as an adult.

The best way to purchase your own Savannah is through a breeder. Although, they can occasionally appear at animals shelters so always check your local shelters if you are searching for your own Savannah. If you find a breeder dedicated to Savannah cats, you can expect to pay around $1500.

3. British Shorthair
As its name suggests, this breed of cat was created after Romans invaded Britain hundreds of years ago. This cat is well known for its intelligence and dignified personality. While this cat is known to have issues with new people, after a short period they usually become very affectionate. It is important to not to pick up and constantly move a British Shorthair since they do not like to be moved around by people.

Once you decided to add one of these cats to your family, expect to pay around $1000 for your very own British Shorthair.

2. Elf
Two cat owners yearned for a Sphynx with curled ears, so they created the Elf breed in 2004. This one of a kind cat is the result of breeding a Sphynx with an American Curl cat. Thanks to careful breeding over the past few years, this cat has an excellent temperament. It loves to play with its owners and usually will lay on your lap while you watch TV. An Elf cat can also quickly adapt to new animals, making them fantastic cats for any family.

While an Elf kitten can cost around $300, a hairless Elf kitten can cost upwards of $2,000.

1. Khao Manee
Of all the breeds on this list, the Khao Manee stands out thanks its beautiful eyes. This breed is well known for having two different eye colors, usually a pair of yellow and blue eyes. Thanks to its eyes and beautiful white coat, it is sometimes referred to as the White Gem. No matter who comes into your home to visit, the Khao Manee will want to greet and play with them. Due to their outgoing personality, they make great companion cats for any family.

As with most other rare breeds of cats, the Khao Manee is usually only found through a breeder. If you want to add this unique cat to your family, expect to pay around $3000to bring them into your home.


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