Motorcyclist Stops Traffic to Rescue Kitten | Good Samaritan ???

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A motorcyclist stops traffic to rescue a kitten, in this awesome good samaritan video which shows an amazing kitten rescue.

Eagle-eyed Christian Crehencia, 30, had been riding home from work on Wednesday evening when he noticed the scruffy newborn cat on the busy road in Manila, Philippines.

The kitten had just walked under the wheels of a silver 4×4 which was about to move forward – before Christian frantically beeped his horn to alert them.

The vehicle stayed in its place but as Christian got down on all fours the kitten wandered out into the rush hour traffic.

Father-of-one Christian stopped cars so he could collect the kitten which he moved to safety.

But the loving kitten returned three times to her hero saviour – with big softie Christian forming an attachment to her.

Helmet cam footage shows how Christian eventually scooped up the scrawny cat and put her into his jacket pocket to travel safely for the rest of the journey home.

Christian has now named the kitten ‘Baby’ and given her to a neighbour in the Navotas district of Manila where he lives with wife Anna.

The married fire inspector said: ”I’m glad I was in the right place at the right time when the cat needed help.

”I noticed the kitten in the road and she was just a few inches from the wheels of the jeep.

”If I hadn’t been there she might have been knocked over and killed by one of the passing vehicles.

”I would have loved to have adopted her but I have a newborn baby at home who is allergic to fur so we have given the car to a neighbour.

”I will check up on her to make sure she is well.”

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